Pelatihan Pengembangan Organisasi

June 6, 2009 satunama 0

Organizational Development Course Community organizations (or better known as the Civil Society Organizations) are a form of citizens’ participation to support and control policies taken by government. In many countries, civil society organizations have a relatively poor bargaining position with governments that ignore the interests of marginalized communites. To increase

Pelatihan Perencanaan Program & Keuangan Strategis Terpadu (ISFPP)

June 5, 2009 satunama 0

Integrated Strategic Financial and Program Planning (ISFPP) Training The Integrated Strategic Financial and Program Planning (ISFPP) Training course is SATUNAMA’s contribution to organizations that want to build synergy between their programs, and financial planning to ensure sustainability and increased service to the community. This planning creates mechanisms to ensure that


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Training SATUNAMA conducts several training programs, concerning issues such as gender issues, pluralism, civil society, good governance, and management for non government organizations. Until 2008, the Community Building Division has trained 6825 people. The participants vary from NGO activists, local government employees, party cadres, businessmen, and farmers and come from

Pinjaman Modal Usaha untuk Sukinem.

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Loans for Sukinem Business. [photo1] Sukinem, 40 years old, has sold jamu since 1992. She starded selling jamu while her first daughter was aged one. She has to sell jamu to increase the family income. “My husband is just a small farmer who cultivates a quarter hectare rice field. Each

Pelatihan Fundraising

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FUNDRAISING Indonesia has many NGOs with programs that have wide coverage and strongly impact the communities with which they work, but they are not financially independent. NGOs have to pay attention to financial sustainability because it’s related with organizational sustainability. Indonesian NGOs have to change their assumption that they can

Workshop Nasional

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National Workshop on [photo1] A workshop on ‘Memeteri Bumi, Petani Mukti’ (By taking care of the earth farmers will be prosperous) was organized by SATUNAMA on 22 April 2009, at its Training Center, Sleman, Yogyakarta, with approximately100 participants from various sections of society such as village communities, village apparatus, NGOs,