SATUNAMA Empowers Indonesian Organizations with the Change the Game Academy Mobilizing Support Training Yayasan SATUNAMA Yogyakarta, an unwavering advocate for enhancing civil society engagement and collaboration among Indonesian organizations, has embarked on a remarkable initiative. From August 21st to August 29th, 2023, the SATUNAMA Training Center served as the birthplace of transformative knowledge and collaboration: The Change the Game Academy Mobilizing Support Training program, bringing together 16 participants from various sectors across the archipelago.

Guided by three certified facilitators: IIn Mendah Mulyani, Yohana Maitimu and Saut Sinaga, this dynamic gathering included several participating organizations: YASAP (NTT), Lombok Research Center (NTB), Lombok Care (NTB), Bali Bersih (Bali), Kolewa (Bali), GASIRA (Maluku), and ISCO Foundation (Jakarta). These organizations spanned a wide range of sectors, from education and healthcare to environmental conservation and women’s empowerment. Their presence wove a tapestry of diversity, fostering an environment rich in cross-sector learning, shared experiences, and potential synergies.

Indonesian Context at the Core

The Change the Game Academy Mobilizing Support Training program unfolded as an immersive journey through essential facets of support mobilization, tailored to the Indonesian context. In the Indonesian style of training and implementation, participants delved into various skills and knowledge areas, including the exploration of communication strategies and mastering the art of crafting narratives and messages that resonate with their target audiences.

Participants are encouraged to delve deep into the specific needs, values, and traditions of their local communities.

Participants were equipped with the skills to construct and execute compelling mobilizing support works and campaigns, harnessing their newfound knowledge to effectively engage policymakers and stakeholders within the Indonesian context. This empowers them to drive transformations within their respective spheres of influence.

Indeed, this aspect of the training places significant emphasis on understanding the cultural and social fabric of Indonesia. Participants are encouraged to delve deep into the specific needs, values, and traditions of their local communities. They learn how to conduct context-specific assessments to identify the most pressing issues that require support mobilization.

In line with the communal context of Indonesia, during the training, participants engaged in activities that fostered teamwork and cooperation among organizations. They explored potential synergies and shared goals, which could lead to joint initiatives for maximum impact. The training also equipped participants with the skills to navigate the complexities of collaborative projects, such as resource sharing and collective decision-making.

Facilitator Yohana Maitimu during one of the session, flooring the essence of problem analytics and foundation for collaboration.

Successful practitioners and organizations in support mobilization also shared their experiences in the training. These guest speakers provided real-world examples of successful support mobilization efforts, offering participants valuable lessons and inspiration. Their perspectives helped participants understand the broader societal context in which they operate. The training also encompassed both traditional and digital media channels, acknowledging the influence of these platforms on modern efforts. By equipping these organizations with the tools, SATUNAMA aims to pave the way for their long-term viability and impact.

Therefore, the program did not stop at individual organizational growth but recognized the power of collaboration. Participants seized the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations, laying the foundation for potential future collaborations that could amplify their collective efforts and drive change on a broader scale.

One of the facilitators, Saut Sinaga, shared his insight, stating, “The dedication and enthusiasm of the participants have been truly inspiring. Mobilizing support is a critical aspect of the Indonesian context, and our goal is to empower these organizations with actionable tools for lasting change.”

Prospects for Collaboration

This training has laid the foundation for inter-organizational collaboration, technological utilization, and an understanding of local culture. It represents a stride toward a more inclusive and empowered Indonesian society, where mobilizing support reigns as the primary instrument for achieving collective aspirations. Indeed, it is not an easy feat to accomplish.

However, it only makes sense because the true essence of the program lies in the trajectory that unfolds ahead for the participants. Over the next four to five months, SATUNAMA will remain a steadfast pillar of support, providing ongoing coaching and mentoring tailored to the unique needs of each organization.

The transformative journey will culminate in a graduation session, a milestone recognizing the progress and accomplishments achieved during the trajectory. Here, participants will share their transformative experiences, showcasing their achievements and strengthening the bonds of collaboration and support within the Indonesian civil society landscape.

The training program takes a holistic approach to support mobilization in Indonesia. Not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also hones practical skills, encourages cultural sensitivity, promotes collaboration, embraces technology, and draws inspiration from experts, ensuring that participants are well-prepared to drive positive change and mobilize support in their respective communities and regions.

SATUNAMA’s Change the Game Academy Mobilizing Support Training does not only underscores dedication to empowering civil society organizations but also serves as a testament to the commitment to fostering collaboration and driving positive, sustainable change across Indonesia. [News : Ariwan Perdana/Photos : Marselus Sarong/Andri Setya]

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