Pelajarilah Alam

April 3, 2010 satunama 0

Learn our Nature [photo1] Children that only received formal education in schools are uneducated children. The quotation from Geoge Santayana tells us that knowledge and information not as narrowly as classrooms. Paddy in rice field, farmers that sowing seeds, or cows could become teachers that teach something. In the same

Pelatihan Manajemen Keuangan

April 3, 2010 satunama 0

Financial Management Training SATUNAMA in cooperation with Oxfam Novib conducted a Financial Management Training on 12-17 April 2010, participated by 22 people from Timor Leste, Banda Aceh, North Sumatra, West Kalimantan, Jakarta, Cilacap, East Nusatenggara (NTT), Semarang and Yogyakarta. The training was part of a series of organization capacity building

Sedekah Bumi untuk Memperingati Hari Bumi ke 40

April 1, 2010 satunama 0

Earth Palm to commemorate the 40th Earth Day [photo1] SATUNAMA commemorate the 40th Earth Day at its compound in Mlati, Sleman, Yogyakarta by conducting the Earth Palm. This event is to reflect the earth’s existence as the place we live. The earth is getting older and its condition is getting