Kunjungan Alumni School of Peace

August 4, 2009 satunama 0

‘School of Peace’ Alumni Visit [photo1] On July 24, 2009, 21 graduates from the School of Peace in India visited the SATUNAMA Training Centre in Duwet, Sendangadi for study comparison. This group was organized by Mr. Anick HT, Executive Director of Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace (ICRP) visited SATUNAMA

Kunjungan Belajar warga Asmat di Yogyakarta

August 3, 2009 satunama 0

Asmat Study Visit to Yogyakarta [photo1] From July to August 3 representatives from Asmat undertook an internship at SATUNAMA. Rodan Omoma (44), Yustinus Yasi (43), and Pius Woyokai (44) stay in Yogyakarta as part of the ‘Toward the Well being of People through a sustainable ecosystem in Asmat’ program held