Kembali ke Organik Sebagai Solusi untuk Mengatasi Kelangkaan Pupuk

July 5, 2009 satunama 2

Go Organic as a Solution for Overcoming Fertilizer Scarcity (May, 12 2009) Some time ago, the mass media in Indonesia reported on protests by farmers concerning the government’s plan to reduce the fertilizer subsidy, and to allocate funds to the improvement of agricultural infrastructure. This year, the government provides subsidy

Peran Perempuan dalam Pertanian di Kampung Miis .

July 3, 2009 satunama 0

Women’s Role in Kampong Miis Agriculture. [photo1] By Genie Fitriady Fendy From 8 until 14 May, 2009, 3 SATUNAMA staff, Genie, Maman, and Wangsit, had an opportunity to learn about farming practices in Labuhan Bajo, West Manggarai, Southeast Timor, together with Celia Borgatti, USC Canada’s program officer for Indonesia, and


July 2, 2009 satunama 0

SATUNAMA Mobile Library Because We Love Reading…. “Every Friday, my brother, my sister and I borrow books here. At home we barter our books. I read a lot of books, such as children books, folklore, and children’s encyclopedia,” said Dian, 11 years old. She’s glad she can borrow the books

Pertemuan Fasilitator Program Papua Resource Development Center (RDC)

July 1, 2009 satunama 0

Facilitator Meeting in Resource Development Center (RDC) Program, Papua [photo1] SATUNAMA, in cooperation with NGO Cooperation Forum (Foker NGO), Papua, held a facilitator meeting for the Resource Development Center (RDC) at the Cendrawasih University Guest House from 15 to 17 June 2009. RDC is an improvement and capacity development program